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  • Hi all!

    On my iPad (4) and my iPod touch (4) when I use the keyboard in a HTML5 game the keyboard goes in from the bottom of the screen (wich is normal lol) and the whole game goes up to accomodate for keyboard space. ...but when I'm done the keyboard goes out at the bottom and the whole game screen try to return back to his place by going down a few notches but there is alway a good 1 cm missing at the bottom, a 1 cm black space so there is 1cm of the game screen missing at the top.

    The only way around for now is to rotate my iPad to make the game resize there an event/action combo that I missed to ask to my game to resize after using the keyboard or is it something that could be adressed in a future C2 release?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi DavidA13,

    I am also experiencing the same issue. This seems to only happen with form controls and I too would like to know if there is a workaround to prevent this or if C2 will address this in the future, thanks!

    FYI, another way to remove the gap besides resizing is to touch-drag any of the form objects and flick downwards. Although you can also create the 1cm gap again if you touch-drag any form object and flick upwards. Not sure why flicking downwards always brings layer back to proper position with no gaps. It would be nice if upward flicks could also do the same as this would probably fix the iOS keyboard gap issue DavidA13 mentioned in his post above.

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  • Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows why in iOS the keyboard leaves some empty space below or rather does not reposition the game canvas back to where it was before the keyboard came out. This is happening to me on iPad Mini with window&layout resolutions of both 640x480, 1004x768, and 1024x768. Here are some screenshots of what I mean...

    Just before keyboard comes out...

    <img src="!650&authkey=!APbm4W1r2wJAZ84&v=3" border="0">

    iPad Mini pic1

    With the keyboard out (note: the "Previous" & "Next" button area is 45 pixels tall)...

    <img src="!651&authkey=!AJZBhbU_eHSidFE&v=3" border="0">

    iPad Mini pic2

    Now, after keyboard goes away leave 45 pixels tall of empty space below game canvas or canvas was pulled back down 45 pixels short (exactly same amount as the prev/next button area above iOS keyboard)...

    <img src="!652&authkey=!ADrvLY1u9CSyR2Y&v=3" border="0">

    iPad Mini pic3

    Thanks, any advice/input on why this happens and how to address it would be greatly appreciated.

  • NorrinRadd:

    Thanks for replying to this thread and let people know I'm not alone with this problem!   :)

    Another solution to put the canvas back to his original position is to touch the black status bar at the top of iOS (with the houre at his center).

    So an inelegant solution would be to display a message to the user if he is on iOS that says something like "Touche the black status bar at the top if you want to replace the screen" english is not perfect so...

    The problem happens if the form object are not at the top of the screen so Ashley could retry with form objects at the center and at the bottom of the screen...

    Thanks in advance to you, Ash and Tom.

  • DavidA13, thanks for the info! Did not realize that placing the form objects in the top parts of the canvas would prevent this issue. My form elements were in the middle and bottom, once I placed them above the middle... no more extra space issue with the iOS keyboard. I agree, it would be nice if it gets fixed as this seems to be a bug.

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