How do I remove a custom plugin from project?

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  • We've been using a custom plugin, behavior "rex_step", for a project in a previous version of Construct 2. We want to use the newest stable version of Construct without the need for the rex_step behavior anymore. The object that was using the custom behavior has been deleted from the project and the project has been saved with a different name. When we try to open the project in a default version of Construct 2 we receive the error message "The Project you are opening uses addons that are not installed..." although the object no longer exists in the project.

    Is it possible to force remove all references in our project to that custom plugin so we can continue using the newest version(s) of Construct 2 without having to move the rex_step plugin over every time? Or maybe a workaround?

    We run Construct portably from flash drive between computers so it isn't ideal that we use the installer anytime an update comes out.


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