How do I remove the collision polygon from specific frames?

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  • Hi, is it possible to remove the collision polygon completely from specific frames of an animation. For example, my player is performing a kick animation and I only want the collision polygon on the frames where he has his leg extended. When he is starting and ending the animation I don't want any collision polygon, so that even if an enemy is overlapping the player the collision is not registered until the "hit" frames.

    I've tried some workarounds using pinned collision boxes that appear/disappear at specific frames but this is too painful to implement given the number of moves and frames per move in my street fighter style game.

    Any suggestions appreciated assuming this is not supported by default in the image editor.

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  • I'm still work hour but basicly Just add a condition on specific frames that you want to disable collision. In event editor:

    • Is "youranimation" playing.
    • (Add a condition) "Compare frame" (choose which is your frame to disable)
    • ACTION: disable collision
  • Would have preferred to remove the collision polygon directly in the image editor for specific frames but I think your suggestion is the only other option, and better than using separate collision boxes pinned to the sprite.


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