How do I remove a certain color from an object?

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  • Hey everyone!

    I recently started playing around with Construct 2 and I'm having a great time with it.

    But now I'm kind of stuck I want to be able to remove all red colors from an object. Is that somehow possible? I've tried the various effects but nothing seems to achieve what I want.


  • The most straightforward way is to add an animation frame for the object with the red already removed via an image editing program and just switch to that animation frame.

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  • Yeah I thought about that but I kinda want this effect for the whole project and with a few different colors... Any other ideas?

  • one of the effects will do this. probably the rgb one. someone will probably know better than me. and then they'll say. but I'm pretty positive it's doable with an effect.

    EDIT: I ended up needing to figure this out.. so I did!

    The Tint effect set to

    R: 0

    G: 100

    B: 100

    will filter all red from a sprite (and can be used for other colours too, by tweaking the settings, if that wasn't obvious..).

  • I have this background:

    When I apply tint to remove all the blue it looks like this:

    This isn't really the effect I'm after, I'd expect the image to be less yellow / greenish and more grey

  • Greyness is the lack of all color. Try lowering red and green to 20-30 each and blue about 0-10. You can adjust brightness or saturation with another layer effect as well if you want. Otherwise, have you tried the gray scale effect?

  • Not having too great results with adjusting those values. I have tried grey scale but it will always remove ALL colors. Guess the effect I'm after would be something like "turn all red colors into grey"

  • There is a 'replace color' effect. Attach it to the layer.

    Tolerance must be a fair amount. Start at 20 ?

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