Remove borders from Kongregate upload.

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  • Still looking for a solution to this one, so I'll try again with a screenshot.

    My game is uploaded to where it works fine without borders, and I'm pointing at that from Kongregate. The screen size is 800x600 and that's specified at both and Kongregate. But when I play it on Kongregate, I get scrollbars around the sides of the screen which make it unplayable. Pic below....

    Kongregate Pic

    I've asked Austin at what the problem is and his answer was.. 'That's C2 related, not The index.html file it generates has some margins which make the overall page larger than 800x600. You can tweak it with some CSS, or just make the game 20px or so smaller'

    I don't see how making it 20px smaller would help, because then I'd specify a smaller size and still get margins? Added to which, my game is cramped enough since I'd planned it around a much larger screen and it's been a pain getting it that small.

    Does anyone know how I tweak is with CSS, i.e what the tweaks are? And how I'd then change that in

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