How do I reload score

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  • I have tried to figure this out but I am just plain stuck. I made a demo of my issue I just do not understand what I am missing. Any help I would be very greatful.

    Simple 2 laypout

    #1 Start

    #2 Game

    click red sprite to go to game

    used simple mouse clicks left and right to move, when you hit the yellow sprite you go back to the start layout.

    Simple scoring: each move left or right is equal to 1

    The issue I can not figure out is that when you go back to the start layout and then click again to go to the game layout the score is not there. I do not wish for the score to continue I just want it to start over.

    I have tried reset/reload/destroy I understand this is a simple newbie mistake but could someone please help???

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  • On start of layout
    Set score to 0[/code:g1rylein]
    Global variables are a permanent thing, so even if on the top it says "Global number score = 0" that's just the initiation of the variable, but any changes to it will be permanent.
    You can also use the action "Reset global variables" if that's what you need
  • Tried it still no joy!

  • Maybe if you put it in the other event sheet

  • I have tried both, tested in chrome/ie/firefox. score text will not show second enter. The only thing I have found that will work is browser/reload

  • Have no idea if this will help anyone else but I've found my issue:

    Global yes/no -- NO

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