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  • Anyone have experience releasing to multiple platforms on a single project?

    is there anything I should anticipate if I aim to do so?

    Am I likely to require a separate project for each?




  • will you just use your mouse in Windows if its for your game

    would make it easier

  • Yes, so far i've only tested on my mobile device (S3), will have access to iphone.

  • Use touch rather than mouse. Be aware that hi res graphics will kill compatibility with old devices like ipad1 ipod touch etc

    be ware that various devices have different aspect ratios, make your layout large enough to accommodate different widths

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  • Yeah, currently the vast majority of our artwork is done as SVG so exporting the artwork(at a higher res) then replacing the images.

    Are there frequently different or unified bugs(CocoonJS) with exporting to iphone/android?

    I'm Concerned about having change masses of events to export to different platforms and changing how the game works and ending up with 2/3 different games to keep updated

  • If your app doesn't use too much artwork then you probably only need one version to cover all devices. In my case it looks like I will need to reduce texture memory considerably in order to get it to work on older idevices.

  • I finally got my app working on ipad 1 and ipod touch - ouch! 3-5 FPS no go. Ipad 2 about 28 FPS.

  • Haha yeah. Wont be worth the negative votes on the store. Im going to have to start performance testing mine soon. Going to to have to borrow a few devices (using my s3 isnt really accurate for the average device).

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