How do I release a video from memory?

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  • So I am trying to create a menu with a video in the background for my program. When you click on one of the buttons on the menu a new layout is loaded, a video plays and then it returns to this original menu.

    I attached an image of what code I have to implement this.

    The problem is, every time this happens my memory usage goes up by about 30 MB. It's like nothing is being release from memory and the same thing is being loaded into memory over and over again. Eventually the RAM usage gets so high that the program crashes...

    How do I get the layout to be unloaded from memory so that my RAM usage stays manageable?

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  • So it seems like the easiest way to do this is to make the video global.... For some reason reloading the video keeps upping the memory usage and you're better off just leaving the video in memory. This seems kinda backwards because leaving all of the videos in memory is counterproductive but I guess if it the shoe fits, wear it.

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