How do I get release notes emails like with C2?

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  • I used to love reading the release notes for C2. Got them emailed to me for years.

    I think I've gotten a couple for C3, but definitely none since the end of beta. Not sure how I can get the emails, as I'm confident I've subscribed to whatever newsletters and C3 updates had been available via the site in the past.


  • teahousemoon If you've signed up to, then you can go into your profile and edit your subscriptions.

    Here you can choose whether you want to receive news, release, promotional or tips emails!

    We do send out an email with every C3 release, so if you sign up, you'll be told about them! If you have signed up and don't get them, make sure you check your spam - if they've wound up in there then we might need to have a look at them!

    (Also, C3 is still in beta by the way.)

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  • Laura_D thanks, i checked it out and I had Construct 3 Updates and Construct Promotions checked, but not Construct News or Hints and Tips.

    With Updates and Promos checked, I think I only ever receive new blog post notifications, like today for full cross-platform/browser support. I'll report back if it seems like I'm still receiving too few emails.

    P.s. not sure I've ever reported having received too few emails before

  • Nothing wrong with that in my opinion! If you have the releases box ticked then you should definitely be on our mailing list for C3 release emails - we send these out for pretty much all releases (unless it's a small patch or two releases in very quick succession!)

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