Are relative links possible outside of the games directories

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  • I have several games where I wish to use the same images in a central image folder so that once loaded they can be cached for other games.

    Example, the game location might look like this

    What I need to do is set a RELATIVE path, that goes back to the domain root, and then to a different image folder just for these selected images and not other images in the games.

    So that would be

    /images/menu/somemenuimage.png (it could also be ../../images/menu/somemenuimage.png), avoiding ../../ means I could always change the structure of the directories for the games without any impact on how it loads the menu images as starting with / will ensure it loads from the start of the domain.

    With the first / taking it back to the root.

    It's something that C2 should do, but does anybody know if it actually can do it?

    The developers I have used are unable to figure out how to make this happen short of manually adjusting the data files afterwards which would be an ongoing maintenance nightmare, every time we make a change we'd have to change the files again



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  • We managed to get this working by using /images/icons/, but only once the game is in production can we view the results. There seems to be no way to actually set this up for full functionality within the C2 environment. What we probably need to do is bump the 'root' forward, so the game is developed in /games/thegamename/gamehere ,so that a reference for /images would go back to the root and replicate the production environment

    Does anybody know of any way to do this?



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