relate bullets from turrets with multiple instances...

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  • well... right now im developing a turret defence game

    to deal with the free version limits i use multiple instances of the same turret

    i want the turrets to gain experience as they deal the killing blow to the enemies

    i did something like :

    record the uid of the shooting turret on bullet's variable called TurretID

    if the enemie hp reach 0 or less, as a sub event, i try to pick the turret who shot te killing bullet and (thoo se if its working or not) rotate it 45 degrees

    buth nothing came out... any other idea? alternative? solution..

    thx a lot

    and merry xmas

    ps. sorry for my bad english

  • Could you upload the project so we can have a look at that?

    Also, to see if something works or not, you can use the Debug launcher instead of the regular one while testing your layouts.

  • there it is, basically what i said before, but somehow the turret is not rotating nor gaining XP

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  • you store the UID in the Blackbullet but you destroy it. So when its destroyed there i no variable too.

    You must store it some where else or first rotate the Blackshooter before you destroy the bullet if this works somehow for you

  • EyeForcz

    you're right, how blind i was... i cant rotate (or do whatever) if im not sure the bullet is killing the enemie... but now is just about working in the order now that i know what i got wrong, thx a lot

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