make regular apps w. construct2??

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  • is it possible to make a normal mobile app with contruct2? meaning an app with textbox input, menus and maybe image display grouped in various screen-activities(android)? thx

  • Yes

  • any specific tutorial or info on accomplishing this? thx :)

  • It would help to know what kind of app you'd want to make..

    If you have specific questions the manual, tutorials and forum-seach are at your disposal.

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  • I am going to assume you mean an app that isn't a game, such as an educational app or possibly some kind of entrepreneurial unique kinda app. It really comes down to what you want to make, Construct 2 is pretty powerful for making anything in 2D and exporting for mobile.

  • To and others, looking to create something like a form entry app to display n manage info using generic UI elements like textbox, buttons, radio buttons, pulldowns menus and such that you see normally in other mobile apps. Are there predefined UI elements like that to develop an app for C2 and can I create a normal mobile app with various screens with these UI elements? Would help greatly if a Tutorial or good resource on this. Thx again :)

  • Yes that's doable. Take a look at the manual.

    There are textboxes for text entry. There are default buttons. You can store data in arrays.

  • and others, yes i know that after reading the tutorials, but another QUES,

    Is there a UI element container object in C2 to group together UI elements in a form-screen? like screen1 has first form display and based on user input, it will show another screenX that contain another display of survey w. UI elements?? I ask sooner now in hope of an ANS. thx.

  • This can all be done in events.

    C2 is optimized for creating games, there are many other programs probably more suitable for what you want, but if you want to make it with C2 you can.

    For what you are asking I would use the intel XDK. But it could be you want specific function having to do with game-creation.

  • How would/could someone make use of the jQuery Mobile UI in their C2 "app"? I think that'd be very beneficial...

  • LittleStain and others, yeah, the things is, i want to make interesting stuff that use alot of menu entry screens and some elements of games, u know? thats why i am asking alot to get to know what can be done.

    anyone know of tutorial or info on making multiple screen-menu mobile app maybe part of a game?

    wizaerd, i hope c2 will add an code mode to edit the code and stuff.

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