How do I register of damage with scrollbar

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    Hello, my name is William, I am making a game of turn-based RPG, but I need help in time to create the registry of damage that needs to be shown during the battle in the Text Plugin.

    Anyone know how I can do that, a record of damage that has a scroll bar that shows the before and after damage as I scroll the mouse or climb a bar for up and down?


    Ol�, meu nome � William, eu estou fazendo um jogo de rpg baseado em turnos, mas estou precisando de ajuda na hora de cria o Registro de Dano que precisa ser mostrado durante a batalha no Plugin de Text.

    Alguem saberia como eu posso fazer isso, um registro de dano que tenha uma barra de rolagem que mostre os danos anteriores e posteriores conforme eu role o mouse ou suba uma barra para cima e para baixo?

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  • Sounds interesting. Are you able to post a screenshot of what you would like? I think maybe you mean a damage summary where it lists 'Player X did 30 damage to Enemy A', 'Enemy A hit Player X for 20 damage' etc but I'm not sure!

  • Plinkie thank you for wanting to help me, but I found a plugin that helped me with my problem.

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