How do I make a region like in stencyl

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  • Ive decided to completely rid myself of stencyl the one thing i did like was regions can construct do that. Basically the sprite would collide with an object or area and he would transported like in pokemon you enter the house and you would be in the room

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  • I also came here from Stencyl... and to Stencyl from Game Maker... thankfully I ended up here as Construct2 "programming" is by far the easiest for how my mind seems to work.

    The key to Construct2 is to embrace its lack of limitations in designing, think creatively... ie. it doesn't need a special object like regions in Stencyl. Construct allows you to easily make your own, simply create a sprite by d-clicking canvas, selecting new sprite, dump paint on it, check "invisible" to yes, and change opacity on main layout design screen to like 20-30 to remind you its a trigger (and so you can see through it). Now you can place this in your doorway, exit point, etc and then use events like On-collision or Is-overlapping to trigger your own region changes to new layouts or even to previously hidden layers in the same layout...

  • Thanjs i think that makes sense

  • For example... if you had a isometric house with a roof sprite and a front door area. In Stencyl you would put a region on the front door and link it to the interior region.

    In Construct2 you would make an invisible trigger sprite in front of the front door and have it running an event that uses "Is overlapping Player" then set player invisible (or destroy and respawn at new coordinate...) and change his position to interior X,Y coordinate and set roof sprite to invisible (or to another invisible spawn "region" sprite) then set Player visible again.

    You could have any number of other things happen... like on initial overlap it simply sets variable to "atDoor1=1" and then pop up a dialog or whatever and later if condition is right.. say lock picked, or accept invite inside, or whatever then activate your move to new area code...

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