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  • I try to compare the value ( which i get from RegexMatchAt expression and set as text to a text object ) with another value.

    if the the values are equal it trigger another object to Visible .

    but it dont work.

    Here is my event sheet system:

    At first i add File Reader to read a text file (Set text Text bOx)

    then i use the RegexMatchAt expression to get data from the Text Box and set the data to Text1.( Working Fine)

    I add Dictionary key "test" with value "myname"(working)

    after that i compare the Text1 data with with the dictionary key value as trigger to visible the textbox

    but do not work.

    can anyone help me to solve it?

  • please someone help me please

  • Output both things you are trying to compare on a text object, are both results as expected?

    Are you comparing numbers? Might need to cast to string if one is a string and one is an int.

  • see the screenshot. both value are same. but when i compare A=B as trigger to Visible Textbox. its not work.

    a snapshot from my event:


  • is it possible? if possible please help me...

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  • Seems like you are comparing UserId.text with MyID.text..

    When this is right on the moment the text changes of your object under event 15 - Advanced text will be set to visible..

  • yes bro. i want to do it. but it not work though Useris.text & Myid.text has same value


  • Seems like it could be these things:

    If Useris.text & Myid.text are the same and the object doesn't become visible:

    Either the text of the first object doesn't change

    Or the object you are trying to set visible is already visible..

    One other option is that a different event is setting the object invisible again in the same tick.

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