How do I regenerate a pathfinding map for one instance ?

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  • Hi,

    I tried to regenerate a map path finding for only one instance of an object. But it seems that after remapping, all my instances have the same pathfinding map.

    Is it a normal behavior of the path finding plug-in ? Or did i miss something ?

    What i need : i have 3 instances of the same object. All the instances have the same path finding. But when one of this instance unlock a door (by putting his solid state to disabled), the obstacle map change for him but not for the other 2 instances.

    How can i do that ?

    If i do "regenerate obstacle map" on this instance, all the instances have the door unlock.


  • What plugin? Your question is kind of vague.

  • I use the Construct 2 path finding behavior.

    It has an action : "Regenerate obstacle map". I pick the instance of the object who has this behavior to regenerate the map, but all instances use now the new map. Look like it is not possible to have different path finding map for each instance of an object.

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  • I have not fiddled with it before, so I am not sure.

  • Hi maugiroe,

    The Construct 2 built in Pathfinding behavior does not work per instance, and has only one global map for everything. You have several add on plugins that may do this. I made a request for this but no answer yet.

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