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  • First and foremost, I apologize if this has been answered, as of now I couldn't find the proper answer to my problem.

    Is there an alternative to testing a C2 game on an android device? I've found threads that Cocoonjs is having serious issues right now.

    Or perhaps I'm not doing this right:

    -I have my C2 exported to Cocoonjs

    On Ludei's website I select compile project for Google Play only, and submit the exported C2 file there.

    -The zip file contains two different files, signed and unsigned, sent to my email.

    -I copy/paste the zip file URL for the Cocoonjs app on my phone then tap "Launch Current" but every time I get a black screen with the FPS button at the upper left corner. When clicked it tells me I'm missing the JS file (yet it's still there)

    I've tried a different way, by taking the signed app and emailing it to me where I can download it on my phone because I can't get my PC to recognize my phone. There I can get the game to run like if it were a real app, but the FPS is very bad. Only things I can think of is that the level itself is too long with too many animated objects up at once, or my HTC Evo is a pretty weak phone for this sort of thing.

    I've used the tutorial on how to test on Android and I thought I was following it to the letter, now I'm not so sure. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  • you sould use this TUT its the fastest way to test using cocoonjs TUT

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