Regaining control when lost focus.

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  • My game is up and running on Kongregate here ...


    The only bug I'm seeing is that if you click off the window, you can no longer press any keys. I assume the window loses focus or something, like if you type in a comment, you can no longer play. Is there some way to ensure the window always has focus, or maybe regains focus whenever there's a mouse click or something?

  • I've had this problem too.

    I haven't tested it too much, but try putting a button on the screen that you can click, and then go out of focus again and try clicking that to put the game back in focus.

    Just an idea...duno if it will work.

    Edit: Nevermind. I tried it with your game and it didn't work.

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  • It's a bit too late already sadly, once you put something on Kongregate with even a single issue, everyone gives it a 1/5 just because of the bug. Strangely, if you put up an idea which took a few hours to put together, so long as it doesn't have bugs, people will vote highly and say 'Keep working on it'. Seems better to spend a day on Kongregate games :p

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