reflect multiple monsters between two objects

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  • I have 2 Rock Sprites

    2 Big rock sprites

    rock sprites spawn red monster and head to big rock sprite then bounce off and head back and forth.

    It works with the first but the second one won't go to the nearest rock sprite. He heads to the same one

    it looks like

    A<---------->B red monster 1 is headed to B1

    A B2 red monster 2 is headed to B1.

    I want it to look like.



    Thanks for help. Hope this isn't too noob a question.

  • Could you post a capx file? Your description is kind of confusing

  • Since I am new here I can't PM yet, so I must tell you I have updated my question here. The result I would like to see is in this message.

  • You don't need to send PMs, If you want to get someones attention use before nickname - For shinkan - this will notify me that someone is mentioned me in his post

    If you want to bounce between nearest option you can use "Sprite: Pick nearest/furthest"

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  • shinkan

    I am having the hardest time getting

    A<-------->B It's just 2 monsters of 1 sprite type ponging back and forth between 2 rocks each of the same sprite type.


    The picture attached is the wrong result. I used the right stuff probably just the wrong way?

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