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  • Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to Construct 2 and have ran into a problem.

    Basically I'm duplicating a blue square, and I want it so that every time you hover over one it appears visible. This is fine, until I drag the cursor quickly over more than one making multiple become visible at once. This is because the cursor runs over Square1, making it visible, then runs over Square2, which, being a duplicate, is still the same object, meaning they both stay visible. I want it so individual ones are affected. I'm not sure how this works, as I'm sure if I put them into a family then all squares would become visible once I go over one, so I'm unsure of what to how to progress.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you

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  • Try using the System>for each. so it affects one instance not all of them. Had the same issue the other day

    How would I go about using this? I assumed this would work:

    But it just makes it so none of the boxes become visible at all?

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