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  • Hi guys, I have searched for topics and tutorials on this one but couldn't find a solution on the reducing of the size of APK.

    My project is 4,7mb big (3,2mb approximate download), I have exported it to cordova and at that point it expanded to 12,8mb (I even deleted some iOS files cause I am willing to build it for Android for now). Then, after I've built it using Intel XDK, the APK size was 29,5mb. It was over 35mb before, but this is the maximum I can do, everything else is added independently of the size of my images or sounds.

    So, when I install the app, it reaches over 110mb (+10 saved data), which is crazy! I guess you can judge by the size of my project that it is just a simple app.

    I've seen a lot of app developers who are not using softwares like C2 but code manually and get very small APK sizes..

    I wonder if gigantic APK's are our destiny lol.

    Somebody got any solution?

  • I'm not sure, but I think this is because exported projects are html and java script files. So you need an app container like a browser to run it on android devices and Intel XDK includes this container to the APK file.

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  • Yes, but that's what makes the APK that big.

    I read some tutorials on building with PhoneGap and tried building with it, but I got this error with BILLING_KEY and I am stuck..

    Anyone has any solution to this? Or some other method to build?

  • By default you get Crosswalk - a full browser engine - included for Android 4.x compatibility. Set the minimum version to Android 5.0+ and it doesn't include it, resulting in a much smaller APK.

  • I just did that, but the APK size is the same

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