How do I reduce peer position lag

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  • Are there any tutorials or recommended ways to more accurately display the position of the peers character object?

    its fine on the hosts end, but when i move around and jump as the peer, it sometimes lags behind, or doesent jump at all.

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  • **snippet from another post**

    Host wants to move

    The host simply moves his object and its movement is synched in a broadcasting like method, telling all the peers where the host object needs to go.

    Peers wants to move

    In most synched scenarios, the peer needs to tell the host where it wants to move, the host then move the object on the host game, and it broadcasts it to all the peers, including the peer wanting to move.

    Peer forced moving:

    When the peer wants to optimize the positioning of its object; while sending the movement to the host, the peer can also move its synched object in the direction it has told the host it wanted to move. This forces it in a direction, closer to the next synched position the peer will receive for its own movement, potentially increasing more smoothness on the moving.

    Check the forced moving bit.

    also, keep synching to a minimum. The less you synch, the less overhead, the less chance of lag / line congestion.

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