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  • I am creating an app that, event-wise, is very simple: push a button play a sound file. Sound files are on average 15 seconds in length.

    My app failed certification for:

    Peak memory usage. Efficient use of memory is critical for apps to deliver a fast and fluid experience. Apps that consume a large amount of memory will also negatively impact other user experiences on the system. In extreme cases the apps will not run on machines with 1GB of RAM. To accurately measure peak memory usage (also known as peak working set), key scenarios must be tested while collecting memory usage data. This prevents this test from being fully automated in the Windows App Certification Kit. Even with this limitation, this test is still part of the Windows Store acceptance criteria. Thus, we strongly recommend that you test this using the process described in the Frequently Asked Questions section before submission.

    Any suggestions on optimization?

  • That's not good. Stupid IE10.

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  • How many sounds exactly are you trying to play? Construct 2 caches audio tracks for faster playback, but this could use a lot of memory if you have *lots* of sounds. Perhaps moving them to the Music folder (which is cached differently) would help too.

  • 9 sounds, with the intention that each is played separately. Event of touching/clicking the icon stops any sounds then plays the one that is clicked.

  • Is it really IE10 to blame when making a native Win 8/RT Windows Store app?

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