How do I reduce the number of colission checks?

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  • My game is going great but there are 82 collision checks a second at the moment. My laptop gets audibly louder when I test it. The game is only running at like 40 fps. And its only a test room right now.

    I just can't avoid using all these "is overlapping" cases. Is the player overlapping a ladder when they press up? Are they overlapping a water sprite? Are they overlapping a moving, but solid platform at an offset?

    Does anyone have any tips for reducing these collision checks? If I add more conditions like "is on screen," "is falling" etc, will it help reduce the number of background collision checks or just increase processing because now the game is trying to check for even more conditions. What do y'all do to keep Construct running squeaky clean?

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  • 82 collision checks a second is nothing. It is possible to have thousands.

    There must be another reason for your issue.

    If possible, consider posting the .capx for us to check. If not possible, then use the debug/profiler and browser console to monitor performance.

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