How do I reduce memory usage by re designing my images

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  • hi everyone i am almost done making my game...i expect it to run on desktop and mobiles.So far the performance on my machine are quite good i get a solid 60fps on my phenom x 4 8gb ram and a gts450 with 1gb ram.Unfortunately construct 2 shows 620mb of estimated image memory.The game is a single layout infinite racer with a road that is quite large duplicating and destroying itself at runtime.I used anime studio as my spriting tool and unfotunately i exported each sprite as signle png frame of 1280x720 so there is no spritesheet in the game expect from those C2 build itself when exporting.

    In C2 i resized the cars after cropping to 434x696 as a rectangular shape will be good for the game...

    when running in debug mode the select language layout runs with 8mb images.the gamescreen title runs at 247mb(the main car is in the middle of the screen and enemy cars are randomly created and destroyed after their y is less than 200+2 texts objects for starting the game and option ) .the game layout takes up 440mb of image memory ...and i cant even get to that part of the game when testing on mobile devices.....Ive read the articles provided here on the site and the forum and the one from "Ashley" as well...Shall i redo the design entirely? or i can use construct 2 to reduce the sprites size even more efficiently? What are your tips? thank you for your time.

  • newt thanks for this ive read it and it seems i should try resizing the sprites ill go from 434,696 to something like 80,128 ill lose quality but i think it will solve the mobile memory problem

  • newt i fixed it by downscaling the images at 80,128 and now iam under 80mb on the game layout instead of 443mb before. thanks for the link

  • When I had to reduce the size of objects in my game I found that making a history resize in photoshop then using a batch process to do all files got me a better result than the inengine editor and much faster to do.

    Sorry if this info was too late to be useful.

  • mapmerry no it still is valuable as iam more confortable with ll serve me in the future. for now i got my game running on mobile with 23mb of image memory

  • When I had to reduce the size of objects in my game I found that making a history resize in photoshop then using a batch process to do all files got me a better result than the inengine editor and much faster to do.

    Sorry if this info was too late to be useful.

    Please, give me information about resizing, retooling, compressing, whatever.

    I'm surprised that someone hasn't decided to create a list of optimizations/limits they feel works best for Construct 2 projects that are either d/l or played in a browser. Please, somebody do this.

  • Um, see that first link?

  • YoHoho if you go for mobile....and if the target device is pretty low in memory prefer using canvas instead of webgl,spritefont instead of text objects( i noticed some of the text object's text were not rendered correctly) reduce your sprites either in photoshop or even in c2 dont create many sprites on the layout and keep an eye out for construct2 helper messages at the bottom of the editor window...for the rest please see the link above

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  • You can call big large image only when they are about to appear on screen. when the image off from screen, delete them.

    Here a showcase : ... latfo.capx

    Preview in debug mode to see what actually happens

  • Sorry, I actually meant to use the word 'more' instead of 'me'. I was implying that there should be more information if anyone has such.

    "prefer using canvas instead of webgl"

    See, I don't really know what that means. I also don't know why Canvas would be preferred over WebGL. This is the information I would like.

    "spritefont instead of text objects"

    Is this simply using images of letters instead of the built in text creator? I'm sure I will be following this advice eventually once my games are near completion.

    "reduce your sprites either in photoshop "

    What would be the ideal sizes for the different uses (sprite fonts, animated sprites that move/immobile, etc.)?

    Somebody out there that's release a large Construct2 should have their own idea of what works best. And again, this is probably the best 2D game engine anyone could start with.

  • Question about reducing image size:

    If I loaded a larger image than necessary for a sprite, if I just look at the sprite size in the properties bar then open up the image, resize to match the sprite size (then have to change the sprite size back to original as automatically reduces it), will this reduce the filesize? Or will the original higher quality image be retained?

    If quickness is your deciding factor this seems to be the way to go, but wanted to verify this first so I don't mislead others.

    Also, with the image export options, if choosing to reduce quality (jpeg and lower the quality rating) will that not be seen until export? That seems like a lot of hassle to play with that number and export each time to see if the quality loss is acceptable.

    Sorry about asking questions and not giving any definite answers but thought on topic and may be helpful for the discussion.


  • Read this for better understanding of webgl and canvas2d ... in short ... webgl is mostly used in this community for effects such as light... blend modes... lava effects and other cool stuff that u usually do in flash... which html5 (javascript based) cannot do without WebGL

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