How do I reduce loading time of my game

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  • Hello,

    please anyone tell me way to reduce loading time of my game upto 5 sec, Its taking more than 5 sec to load

    help me

  • do you have your sounds etc to pre-load? It seems to cut down the load time on my games.

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  • , I am not using any sound in my game, only there are sprite animations

  • If you really need all those sprites there,s not much you can do, it takes some time to load them all. You can try using less/smaller sprites.

    Another way to solve it is to load the images in run time, using the load image from URL action then creating the sprites from this images, so you don't have to preload them.

  • caiorosisca

    thanks for your suggestion

  • caiorosisca

    Please show me an example of how to load images at runtime,because there are many sprite animations inside one sprite image.

    I just want to reduce loading time of game

    help me

  • The loading time is the downloading of the game - more specifically the game assets (images/audio).

    The good news is that once downloaded it doesn't have to be downloaded again / unless the game is updated.

    The only real solution would be to use external image files:

    Here is what ashley has to say... 5 sec google

    [quote:19cd54rg]Using external image files

    If your project has a lot of large detailed images which add a lot to the download size, you can make your game load quicker by adding them as project files instead. That way they won't need to be downloaded before the game starts running. You can then load them at runtime using Sprite or Tiled Background's Load image from URL actions - just enter the name of the image as the URL, e.g. "mylargeimage.jpg". You know they've loaded when the On image URL loaded trigger fires as well. This means you can request large images on the start of each layout that needs them, and show some kind of "Please wait..." message until they've loaded.

    I suggest you read the manual and tutorial section as this is covered in both and use google as the forum has multiple topics on this.

  • I may be off-base here but calling Project Files "external files" doesn't really seem right. Being able to access "external files" kind of implies that I should be able to access files that are completely external to the Project File. These are more like "Referenced Files".

    Unless I am missing something adding more image files to an app post-export is not exactly easy or user friendly.

    But this is EXACTLY what I need to do. The logistics of needing to include all my images as Project Files or as Animation Frames is severely limiting.

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