How do I get this red square to 'scroll to' the right??

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  • Its a loooooong story, but I've simplified the entire problem in the attached capx file. I've removed virtually everything I could think of to solve the problem but I'm once again stumped.

    Basically, I cannot figure out how to get the 'scroll to' feature to work. I've gotten it to work in the past, but I must have changed some type of setting in the attached capx file that does NOT let it auto scroll... and I just can't seem to figure out what I did.

    Basically, as you will see, the ONLY thing in this capx is grass (physics, nonmovable). And I added a red square (physics, scroll to).

    When I hit the right arrow, the red square will correctly get pushed to the right side of the screen, BUT WHY ISN'T IT SCROLLING TO THE RIGHT AND KEEPING THE RED SQUARE ON THE SCREEN? Instead, the red square is getting blown off the screen -- basically, the 'scroll to' feature of the red square isn't working. What the heck did I do?

    I've starred at this for an hour and CANNOT figure out what the heck I did. Thank you sooooooo much.

  • You have layer0 with parallax 0,0.

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  • Doh! Thanks Kastas.. I swear.. I starred at that forever!!! Never thought of the layer issue. MUCH appreciated.

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