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  • Has anyone come up with a Capx explaining how to create a grid type maze using the Reclusive Backtracker (RB) algorithm in C2? I have seen a few different methods used, but I don't remember a "perfect maze" example?   Or did I miss it?

  • Cubemaze uses the Recursive Backtrack algo (:

    For a capx hmmm I don't have a basic one right now... Shouldn't be too hard though

  • Thanks Yann. I was hoping someone had a capx handy that I could tear apart. I created a few random maze generators, but not so that they use every cell in a "perfect maze". I would like to build the maze in an array using that sort of algorithm, then display it graphically.

    I know it is not a "simple" event list, but I was hoping someone could post something close that I could manipulate to what I need. Until then I will keep trying on my end.

    BTW, do you think building it graphically then writing to an array would be easier?

  • Building graphically is often heavier on the cpu because you have to handle many object instead of simple numbers in an array.

    I did a cave generator some months ago, starting by covering the screen with sprites and mining with 'miner' sprites... it was waaaay slower than the array solution I built afterward.

    Anyway here is the thing


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  • Thanks Yann. I will use this to help me build an array version. If I do It I will post a link :)

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