How do I record player platform movement?

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  • Is it possible to record a player movement to replay it later?

    Like for example the arcade games in atract mode.

    I just want to record it once, so it shows when the game is not being played. Not sure if I'm explaining myself

  • I think there is no "ready to go" tool for this in c2. But it's not impossible. You just need to create it by yourself, which is a pretty hard task I think because you have to store all values regarding to movement and other stuffs like damage taken and etc.

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  • For one object you could save it's x,y,angle, etc every frame to an array, then play it back.

    Something like this:

    You could do the same for multiple objects.

    Another idea would be to save the player inputs and play those back. Unfortunately that is tricky to get a perfect replay with since the varying dt will get the timing off quick. It is possible though with a carefully designed game. It may not even matter in the long run as it would give some variation in the long run.

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