How do I record my mouse activity

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  • Hi

    is there a way to record mouse activities into array so i can analyze user activities ?

    i want to be able to record the location he clicked and the paths he moves .

    Thanks ,


  • Well, recording ANY activity could turn in a huge amount of data to save, so the first thing to think about is how to reduce this amount and in order to do this we should know what do you want to achieve

  • well , i want to be able to analyze player behavior when he need to tackle some problems .

    for example :

    * what does he do with his mouse while thinking?

    * does he press mouse button multiple times when there is no response on the first click ?

    * does he pixel hunting or go directly with logic to solve puzzle ?

    * etc ..

    At the end i want to have some kind of file with mouse positions/clicks which i can replay and analyze the player behavior .

  • Well, i had a similar necessity, so i would suggest:

    1- fill an Array object with any Mouse event that you want to track;

    2 - save this Array by either user Gamesaves or Localstorage, in this way it is possibile to restore it when the app loads a second time;

    3 - send this "event log" to a web service on a public server using JSON, this way you don't need to ask the user to save a file on his system and send it to you.

    All of the bold words are C2 objects or plugins to use

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  • Your instructions are very clear i will start to implement it and see if there is no performance issue .

    if you want i'll let you know .


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