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  • I am new in Construct and I saw there are a lot video tutorial.

    My question may stupid but someone help me to know how to record a game scenes in video.

    Thank in Advance...

  • If it's game itself you want to record I think you might be looking for something like this:

  • You can record your entire screen or portions of it with Camtasia.

    This is normally used by people making video tutorials.

    Also, Fraps can only record your EXE exported games.

    Since this is the C2 section, I'm guessing you mean to record a C2 game.

  • How can use any screen recorders ...

    Check this page for free or commercial ones

    Here it is !

    Note : You will need a 2d game recorder !

  • Thanh both of your suggestion..

    Actually I am locking for methods that directly record c2 game from HTML5 canvas..

    I need it because of testing for games.

    Have you got any ideas...??

  • Bump ...

    Check my post below !

  • ... Actually I am locking for methods that directly record c2 game from HTML5 canvas..

    I need it because of testing for games...


    So do we understand that you're wanting some sort of playback facility i.e. where every player move + resulting action is recorded for later playback?

  • ooh, that's tricky. You mean like a replay?

  • Velojet: you are absolutely righ..

  • That's... well, extraordinarily difficult, to say the least. <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> It's not really something a beginner should tackle right from the get-go. I plan to try it one day for my own game, and I'm not even sure if I can do it after two years of using C2 and Classic.

  • If there were a way to emulate sending key and mouse events, this would actually be fairly straightforward. You would only have to capture what key was pressed or released (or the mouse event), and the time between events.

    But... since there isn't (at least that I'm aware of), there is a lot of information you have to capture to playback recorded events. The amount you need to capture is dependent on how much AI is built into the game. If all the objects (except the player of course) follow a set pattern, or simple rules, you only need to track player states and let everything else behave as normal.

    You would want to figure out a keyframe system for playback, setting the player states as necessary.

    Naturally, as game complexity increases, so would this method.

  • You can emulate key presses with the "simulate control" action for the platform and 8direction behaviors. For general simulating mouse and keyboard controls I would set some state variables for each control and use the variables in my events instead of the mouse or keyboard conditions. Then simulating a control would be as simple as setting a variable.

    I don't think simulating the controls would give an exact replay unless the game ran at the exact same framerate the whole time.

    If you want just a visual playback then the game state is unimportant. You just need to save the position,angle,size,opacity or anything that can change visually for each object on screen every frame.

    hoanganh17 you say it's for game testing, could you give an example where it would be useful for testing?

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  • R0J0hound, I got projects, fighting and gambling, I got record from customers about some case really hard to reproduced.

    For mutual interactions, I am using Websocket with JSON to send appropriated command from someone to other. Actually, some of actions and behaviors really differ from ideal draft.

    After that. I did try to save actions into Xml via my plugin to try to reproduce users action but not have optimal records because of time, tick...etc is differ from actual user actions.

    So it's reason I am looking for best way to record actions with exact time between each of them.

    I hope you could understand me...:D

  • Hey, bro.

    Have you try some Screen Recorder, like TuneFab Screen Recorder. It can help you recording games into videos format. Worth a try!

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