How do I recognize Xbox One as platform?

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  • Hi. I tried to make my app compatible with Xbox One (Internet Explorer) and most features seem to work fine so far. But is it possible to recognize the platform to execute different things or support another control scheme?

    The System "Is on Platform" does not have an "Xbox One" entry. Maybe its possible to add one?

    I tried to get the current platform and found the platform variable on the Browser object (why not System where the "Is on Platform" is in?). On my Windows 8.1 PC it says "Win32" and on my Xbox it returns "Win64" (but I have 64 Bit windows installed on PC). So is Windows on a PC always returned as "Win32"? Is there a way to let C2 recognize it runs on IE on Xbox One?

    /Update: I may have found something. The Browser "User Agent" string returns "Win64 - Mozilla blabla WinNT 6.2; Trident/6.0; Xbox; Xbox One". So it may work if I can get the last letters from the user string and check if it says "Xbox One".

    But adding "Is on Platform: Xbox One" would be really nice.

    PS: "Browser Language" returns nothing on Xbox One.

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