How do I recieve and use roomlist name?

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  • How do I That before joining room ?

    Please explain step by step

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  • After "On Logged In" triggers, you can "Request Room List"

    In the "On Room List" event, you can use the room list expressions:


    After On room list, the number of rooms in the received list.





    After On room list, retrieve information for a room at an index in the received list. The state can be one of "available", "locked" or "full".

    For example, to list all available room names in a text object, you could put in a subevent:

    Repeat ListRoomCount times - TextObject - Append "ListRoomName(loopindex)&newline"

    Or you can add all the rooms to a list object, so that users can select a room to join.

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