Any reason something should work differently in debug?

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  • In my game I have all these buttons the player walks over to turn on. I have lots of them. I've been using them a bunch. I went to add a couple more today and for some reason they were not working. So, I turned on debug to find out why. Lo and behold, they work! Try it again: debug off, buttons don't work. debug on, they do?

    Kinda hard to debug under those circumstances..

    Could the difference in screen size (with debug down there) + overlap at offset somehow cause that? (Though this still makes no sense, I have a bunch of other buttons that have given me no problems)

  • Funny, I had just a what-the moment with windowheight until I realised the debug window was taking up some window space from the reported height. Sorry doesn't help you at all dude! oh BTW I usually 'detach' the debugger window, have you tried that to see if they 'stop' working again?

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  • Okay, well, it wasn't that.. I've narrowed it down to only happening when touch controls get set instead of keyboard (still, all the other buttons work.. so weird).. I'm sure I'll figure it out. Thanks!

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