How do I rearrange items on an string array based on some order?

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  • Ok, this is a tricky one.

    I store items on a string like this (it's just an example, what i actually store aren't names, but some other thing):


    When i want to write all these items on the screen, i use a FOR loop, and the tokenat() function to retrive all the values in order.

    It ends up like this:

    Alex 14

    Emanyelle 12

    Hector 5

    Laurence 13

    Fabrizio 10

    I want to create a function that rearranged the objects based on some property of the item. For example, rearrange the names on ascending age order, like: Hector, Fabrizio, Emanuelle, Laurence and Alex.

    How can I do that. With events.

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  • I think you need to convert these values to a 2D array, sort the array, and then convert back to string. Or just leave as the array.

    Unfortunately, Array-Sort action only sorts by first column (Y=0). Sorting other columns is a bit trickier, here is a demo I made some time ago:

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