How do I Reapeat an AJAX Request

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  • Hello,

    I'm using AJAX/PhP/MySQL, for run my game, so i use some AJAX Request for update my DataBase and maintain her Up to Date,

    so the first time i'm ask a request for Create or Delete a char this work but some time not ... So i don't really know if it's because the DB link was close or other thing ...

    So be sure the request was complete i would like to know if there is a way for Retry the request until it's done ( and not with the error option, because there is no error ^^ )

    Hope you understand !

    Thank you =)

  • In chrome and FF, hit CTRL SHIFT J for the console.

    This should show if your ajax request is actually being made or not.

    As for a retry, why not just add a button that on clicked/touched performs the ajax request.

    You could go as far as adding an every X seconds have the call performed automatically so you can check the console for problems when called.

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  • Hello Lennaert,

    I have solve the problem ^^' ... The request work correctly the problem come from the Request ^^' ...

    I have forget to delete one event that continuously repeat the request hehe ^^' ... So the app never have the time to update the values ^^' ...

    Now work correctly,

    So i have see your Tut's about the Ajax Pong game and inspire my self for make my request ^^' ... So thank for your help =)

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