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  • Hi!

    Really hope for your help, because I just begin to work with this program...

    I need that object, that is moving, can left a trace after it (top down view), and if you touch this trace you can bounce (choose direction where exactly) and trace you can lay on other trace only by criss-cross "x", but ot in other directions (and object must move only on straight 45 degree lines in 8 dimentions without bendings, lefting the same straight trace). Game must be turn-based, so "bounsing" from trace must be something like bonus turn, and the turn must be on specific distance (if object touch trace in criss-cross "x" it must not receive bonus turn)...

    I know that I'm asking too much, but if anyone can help just with something, I will really appriciate that

    Thank you very much!

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  • Hmm, it is quite a bit to ask, especially if you haven't tried figuring it out yourself. Are there any current games we could look at that demonstrate a mechanic you want to create, so we can get a better idea of what you're asking?

    Here are some links that might be relevant, depending how you look at them:

    A Useful Tutorial: ... oving-them

    A Useful Forum Post: viewtopic.php?f=147&t=167464&p=1009062&hilit=trail#p1009062

  • I try to figuring out by myself, but all that I get t have only one condition of all that I need and if I try to add other, it make something curious with what I have already done or don't work at all...

    P.S. Thanks for links, but I have tryed practically all of them... Can I contact you by email or Skype?

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