Really dumb question! Cannot see sprites in game!

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  • Title says it! Im really new to this program so forgive me haha. I followed the tutorial for begginers, made the background on layer 0, then put a sprite on layer 1 with movement. I press play and I cannot see the sprite? Please help! Thanks :)

  • Capx, please.

    Also, can you see the background? If not, there's a different story.

  • Don't know what could be the problem but is the sprite inside the game area when you press play? Or do you have the layers invisible? Or perhaps the sprites themselves are invisible?

    I'm no expert but those things came to mind.

    The .capx would help a lot. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Sounds like your sprite is set to "invisible" like Jonsterz says.

    If you're still having problems, you could upload your .capx file to dropbox, like suggested above. If you need help with uploading, follow this tutorial, only select "Save to single file" instead of "Export project". This way we can have a look at your file and hopefully see what is wrong.

  • yes I can see the background,just not the sprite! I do not believe it is set to invisible. Under initial visibility it said "visible". So I dont know whats wrong? I will upload it to dropbox for you to take a look at it. Thanks!

  • I have uploaded it to dropbox, take a look and tell me whats wrong :)

  • My email for dropbox is if you need it to look

  • hmmm I figured out the problem. I wasnt aware that only the top left corner of the game is shown when you play. Is there a way to show the whole page in the game???

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  • You can set the window size of the project in the (project settings) area on the left side in the editor.

    But in order to see that specific screen, you first need to click on your project folder on the right side of the screen.

    So click on the right in the project window on the top folder.

    Then you see on the left side a change in the editor.

    It now says Project settings.

    There u can set your window size.

    The window size is different from the layout size.

    This way u can see a small or large (user defined) part of a layout.

    To make the layout itself larger, you just click in the gray area in the editor, and then the (project settings) window changes into the layout properties window.

    If however in the future u want a small (view) window in your game and a big layout.

    Then scrolling is the answer.

    Thought this was wat u were searching for.


    U can add links to your posts and replies.

    So people can have direct acces to your (in dropbox) uploaded Capx.

  • ok i figured it out! now another dumb question, I am trying to make my "player" move towards the direction I click the mouse. He is only able to move left and right so I need him to move left if they click on the left side of him and right if they click the right side of him. Any way to do this??? Thanks again

  • You could do it like this:

    Dropbox: Mouse Movement Example

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