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  • Is there a way to see what's happening outside the layout at runtime? I've put "destroy outside layout" behaviours on my particles. Do I just trust that it's working?

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  • You can create a text object and on every tick you can assign object.Count to the text to see if you're properly destroying objects.

  • Well, rest assure that it is really destroyed!

    Or, you can set your project configuration setting to either scale, or crop. then as long as your preview browser is bigger than your project window, you can see what happens outside the layout.

    Or you just put in an audio file, and set play it once object is destroy, so you can hear those sounds and know that the object has destroyed.

  • Keep in mind that a particle system only counts as outside the layout if all the particles are outside not just the particle system origin.

  • All good ideas! I'll try them in a bit. Thanks!

    Just a clarification needed now...I have a bullet object that is spewing out hundreds of "images" per second. Are each of those images destroyed as soon as they go outside the layout? Or does the origin need to be outside before they get destroyed?

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • The particles have their own "Destroy mode". You can find it at the bottom of the particle system properties.

  • kenhes

    The origin of the particle will have to be outside the layout for it to be destroyed.

  • Is there a destroy event for "bullet particles"? I couldn't use real particles because I needed multi frames.

    So, at the moment, all those images are falling out of layout and using resources until I destroy the object.


    OK. I think I have a way to trigger a destroy before too many resources get used. It's a workaround but will do the job. Thanks for the help guys!

  • For sprites, just add the Behavior "Destroy outside layout".

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