really bad glitches and CS2 not working

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  • ive been having several problems with CS2 trying to do the simplest of things

    1: Bouncy bullets are not acting correctly

    I set it to bounce off of solids and it goes through them

    so on collision with wall- i set to bounce off of the particular object

    so what do they do? they bounce off and dont move in the appropriate angle, the bullets start flying sideways

    even though i have it set to angle, its not bloody working!

    so they are bouncing around and not changing direction ( you can see this in my isometric shooter)

    what could be the reason for this?

    2: Layer glitch

    ok this ones ticking me off a little

    i have things on a layer (layer3)

    above things on my other layer (layer4)

    anyone want to explain this?

    do i get to kick someone in the shins for this?

    to clarify, things on a lower layer are on top of things on a higher layer =/

    wtf?! wtf!? wtf!?!

    3: ive noticed that if you reset an animation frame from the beginning it will make the sprite slightly bigger every time

    guess this one really isnt a question, just pointing it out.

  • Can you share .capx files for each of these? It's pretty hard to comment without being able to see exactly what you've done.

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  • 2) what do you mean with things? Buttons and some other objects are always on top of the construct-canvas.. sprites are always on the right z-layer as they should.., there's nothing wrong with that ordering.. afaik

  • erm no, things on higher layers should always be on top hence its on a different layer thats on top, isnt that the whole point of a layer?

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