Realistic Rope

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  • I can actually make this myself, Im just asking more for advice.

    I could take the long process of having like 15 different sprites and then creating revolute joints from 1 to 2, 2 to 33 ect.

    but im sure there is a way to do this with instances?

  • Haven't played with physics much, but if its not set up to click a button to choose the object, IE you can type in the object. Then you can use a for each sprite sprite add joint to sprite(loopindex+1)

  • here's my attempt rope.capx

  • Wow that's nice ! well played !

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  • Thanks Yann, Really cool Demo!! Definitely going

    to use this :) although a little heavy on the FPS

  • play with the height of the joints and the rSpawner.size to find good looking yet not too heavy values (:

  • Yann, How would you handle player interaction with this?

    If i want the player to be able to climp and swing onto it?


  • maybe on overlap you snap the player to one of the token.

    To select the proper token you can have a tiny sprite detector, or compare Y position of player and rope token.

    To climb the rope, probably a lerp between Y position of two adjacent token

    To swing, apply an impulse on the token your aformentionned detector is on (if there's two, pick one at random :D) on key pressed.

    No sure if all that will work but it's my first ideas

  • I like this. I was doing something similar with discrete sprites. BUT... what goes on with revolute joints? They are supposed to linked "like with a pin" but they streeeeetch. It's doing my head in.

    You can see them stretching gently but grab the spawner, move down so the rope touches the ground and yank up quickly... the joints stretch so much that the links start spinning and flickering.

    Is there any way to may the joints solid? Does this class as a bug?

  • Hi Yann,

    I recently downloaded your rope capx file.

    First of all, I'll like to thank you for sharing your know how.

    However, there is something I don't quite understand. What is the purpose of the "Cooldown" Variable for the Player sprite?



  • This is awesome work! Thank you for sharing your Knowledge with the community.Good Karma Too You Sir.

  • Hear, Hear! Wow! great work and thanks also for sharing!

  • Hello !

    Nice job yann ! Thank you for sharing.I know it's been a while since this topic was created but I've a little question : if i want to attach 2 sprites with this realistic rope between them, how can i do ?

    Thank you

    (PS : sorry for my bad english)

  • thats a good one

  • What do you need the rope for? If it's something simple, you could just use sprites.

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