How do I realistic looking shadows...

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  • ...using scirra's shadow and light caster?

    Its really confusing take a look at attachment

  • Ashley do you have solution for this? in my opinion shadow should change to gradient from opacity 100 to 0 when he ends, otherwise simple torch cast shadow to other side of level.

  • I'm not clear what you are after. If you want realistic 3D shadows, that is not supported.

  • Ashley no i dont want 3d shadows, im only lookong for solution how blend plugin shadows colors with other shadows of layout.

    how to mix color merged with the color of the rest of the shadows

    Take a look at image i attached at first place because my english is not very well

    plugin Shadow can't be darker than world shadow, shadow cant be longer than light range, thats for me is realistic shadow

  • How should the plugin shadow know the pixel it is overlapping is darker than the pixel next to it while the shadow is overlapping?

    Should the program calculate every pixel next to the shadowcaster to determine if shadowcasters pixels should be visible or of lower opacity?

    Only way I see to do what you'd like (and no it's not perfect) is to have all the shadows (including those of the background) on one layer and have that layer set to the opacity required..

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  • Check here

    for Shadow light actions

    in the same link of the manual look for light radius and height , do some experiments , i understand what you are after , but what i send is probably your best shot to come close.


    Little Stain is right also.

  • LittleStain Michaelb

    maybe we should have a possibility to add (for a new plugin) darkness?

    In 3ds max i observed when in scene has no light objects ALL OTHER OBJECTS 3d are naturally highlighted, but when we add one light, darkness falls and we must adjust the range of the light.

    And this is what I mean that's what is missing

  • This might be more of your liking..

    Just added a light-distance circle to the original soft-penumbruns example

  • LittleStain look at my image i attached, i do exacly this same what you make for me.

    You use 100 opacity of shadows (looks great) but i need to use less opacity I will be happy if Ashley do something whit this, If he did not do it nobody will.

    The game wants to make the time of day, dawn dusk night

  • Ashley I noticed something else, shadow who falls near other light source is still a shadow

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