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  • Hi !

    Is it possible to get the real time?

    The time of the device (Hour, date...)

    i want to make a game where you can only play (for example) 5 times per day. Then, you have to wait few hours to continue playing.

    Thank YOU!

  • Yes there is a plugin from rexrainbow called datetime which detects the system time and you can use that in your game logic.

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  • Thanks!!

  • Hello there I just wanted to comment on this aspect of game design. There are lots of games out there using this mechanism of "wait x minutes/hours to be able to play again". It has to be used in a smart way because if you study game design psychology and rewards system for the player, you will find that some mechanisms can be very frustrating to the player. And you don't necessarily want that, unless you've created Flappy bird, in that case Frustration is basically the core of your game, but I mean, it's ok to get the player frustrated if there is a real purpose for it besides simply telling them "you are locked out of the game for X hours, you'll be able to play again later". It doesn't serve any real purpose unless you're trying to create rarity and everyone knows what's rare is coveted. There might be another way for you to make the players go back to your game after a short period of time than simply "locking them" out of the game.

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