How do I have a real low latency audio?

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  • Hi everyone!

    i've try a lot of thing before to ask your help.

    This is my problem:

    i'm making an android app (html5 exported project + eclipse with phonegap plugin);

    that app have to play a sound every x seconds;

    i found that in every android devices i try that sound is not playing always at every x seconds: it's a bit irregular.

    That makes the game experience not as precise as i would like.

    I try also to use the calljs plugin, but seem that it won't work with the every x seconds condition.

    By the way calljs is not better that the simple "play sound" action provided with contruct 2.

    I'm sorry for my english and i hope someone could help me

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  • Have you setup some easy way to verify the timing is off (maybe visual cue in your UI)?

    I've found that the audio trigger needs to be one of the first actions called in an event to get really tight timing.

    In one of my tests, I had about 10 actions stacked up and got slightly delayed audio. Simply moving the play sound action to the top of stack made it work.

  • thans a lot for your tip!

    i've just try that but still don't work properly.

    i'm wondering about some device issue: on a new iphone (i've made a ios app using xcode) sounds are working great.

    actually also on my samsung galaxy s2 with chrome the latency problem is not so big.

    i think it's an android default browser quest.

    Thank you again for your answer

    any other tips are welcome


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