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  • Okay. So I am trying to make a 2D Minecraft Game (probably not going to release it since that would be copyright infringement) with Construct 2. I am running into a difficulty with adding a block to the Inventory when picked up. I created 9 Player Inventory spots and 27 Full inventory Spots. To decide which spot to place the block pickup in, I created a different sprite for each block called (Block)BlockInInventory. Then I use "If (Block1)BlockInInventory is overlapping Slot 1, Create Object (Block2)BlockInInventory at Slot2.X, Slot2.Y." However, I would have to do this with every block and every slot in the full Inventory (there's 36!!). Is there a quick way to: Find where no BlockInInventory is overlapping a certain spot, and place the new BlockInInventory there?


    DirtBlockInInventory is overlapping Slot 1, and OakPlankInInventory is overlapping Slot 3.

    Is there a way to tell Construct 2 to find where no BlockInInventory is overlapping Slot 2 without using an inverted "Is overlapping" at every slot? I tried using "Pick instance," but no luck. Maybe using Arrays in some way?

    I know this is a very long question and may be hard to understand the way I wrote it. However, if anyone can help, please do. (This question is aimed at an experience Construct 2 user.)


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  • I think this thread could be useful for you.

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