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  • Just wondering if there is a way to read an XML file that is being continually updated by another application.

    I'd like to use Max/MSP to keep re-writing an XML file with data that I can read into a Construct 2 game which would have to keep re-reading the data to register the changes.

    Any ideas?

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  • Manual -

    For dynamic (JSON-)loading there are also some custom plugins.. (I personally prefer JSON if possible because the format conatains less characters to load..)

  • Thanks Joe -- do you know if there would be any issues dynamically updating the xml or json to a Construct 2 game in my DropBox, and then having it dynamically loaded?

    Or is there any other better way to write to simple data lists that can be read from a Construct 2 game?

    If it was just on a single computer, no problem, but online I don't know how this works

  • You might want to consider webstorage ? (check the how do I FAQ for example of uses)

  • birdlantern

    I suppose that's not possible with a dropbox file. I do that with php on a webserver.. it's not very complicated but you have to have little knowledge about ajax and

    have a webspace with php.. ;)

    I haven't used the webstorage plugin so I can say nothing about that.. afaik this plug stores locally..

  • Joe7

    thanks, that's exactly the answer I'm looking for. Sounds like it's beyond my skills at this point, but maybe someone will come up with a plugin in the future


  • Kyatric

    thanks for that, webstorage looks interesting for other purposes, but doesn't look like I can use it to write data into or out of Construct for use by another application, if I understand correctly?

    But good to know that a framework for save games is there!

  • System -> Ajax -> request (example.xml)

    Ajax -> on ajax completed -> XML load (ajax.lastdata)

                 text set text to ajax.lastdata

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