How do I reach 90º moving angle drift on car behaviour?

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  • Car Behaviour doc:

    On drift recover it says:

    The angle of motion can never be more than 90 degrees off the object angle.

    So, if there is a 180º curve, or if i move the steer fast and set brake, i want car rotate until get stopped keeping the moving angle, but due this limitation, the car on reach this it steer due reached the max 90º angle difference.

    Why this limit? Or for example in a wet/snow floor, if i go fast and steer and set brake the car should move at X direction and rotate keeping moving angle and i guess some steer, but with this limitation it just start to steer :S

    No understand why this limitation ¿?, also not will be better some "steer block º" or something so everyone can set to fit his needs?.

    Any workaround to avoid this using this behaviour?

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