Re-position the window for a vertical scroller

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  • Hello! I'm trying to make a vertical scrolling shooter but to get it to work I have to be able to get the window to be at the bottom instead of the top of the layout!

    <img src="" border="0" />

    See I need to have it at the bottom so my background, enemies, and everything else can scroll down.

    I tried adding the scroll to behavior to my player but it seems to cancel out the scrolling that I have set up for the game.

    I figured out that I could just build the game sideways and then use the system - rotate layout to turn it back the way I want it, but I think that would be really difficult to build!

    I'm still pretty new to construct, and -very- new to the forum so hopefully I posted all this right, haha. Anyway! I hope you guys can help me!

    Thanks in advance.

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  • +System: On start of layout

       -> System: Set scroll Y to [startposition]

  • supajackle by the title I was thinking about the full screen and the game screen alignment inside it =]

    Why you don't design it at the top of the current screen position, instead of the bottom? CTRL + A and select all the things inside the canvas to move them to the top.

    Different of ramones solution, I had designed my vertical scrolling game on the canvas and everything on top of it, BUT, the canvas camera is static and what move is the scenario, going down by the math:

    every tick: Scenario.Y = Scenario.Y+(Variable)

    But I could use: move Scenario toward angle 90 degrees by 1 pixel;

    Where Scenario is a Family, and I checked with code another thing:

    Scenario is outside layout and Scenario.Y > 0 = Destroy Scenario;

    So, I move everything inside the scenario family, and it contains the asteroids, clouds, obstacles and the backgrounds, I aligned all of them by the top and created them via canvas and/or events, so I don't populate my screen with thousand of sprites while not necessary, using them only when on purpose and destroying them when not.

  • Ramones- Thanks that worked! I had trouble with it at first but then I realized I had the scrolling going up instead of down! But I got it all worked out!

    TELLES0808- That sounds like it would work, but I only have the free version of construct so I dont think I can use families ):

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