How do I, Raycast/NWJS Launch Params,Javascript Function...?

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  • Raycasting

    The method I use, kinda works however a raycasting function would be nice, using function maybe something like"raycast",posx,posy,pos2x,pos2y)

    However the current method I use works the angle of the tongue changes so that it can expand beyond a wall.


    So if I use command prompt and opened the file like so,

    game.exe -leveleditor -tick 128

    I can use the values like the way browser.hash works.


    Call internal functions with a javascript console.


    So multiplayer is a problem due to jumping seems really laggy and unsmooth.

    One last thing, is their a way to manually code instead of using the event layouts (without using plugins/addons)

    If not I will just code my addon instead.

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