Random/Non-Obvious movement in a grid

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  • Hi, i'm trying to do a tile-based top down game in which the player moves through squares. I'm ok with the player movement since i used the "Cloning the Classics: PacMan" by stemkoski to move him. The problem is the enemy movement. I want to know how do i do to move the enemy aligned to the grid (200x200 with 25x25 squares) and how to control successfully this movement or how to set this movement as random, both aligned to the grid. I hope you guys did understand.


    I tried to apply some patterns. First the pathfind behavior, but the enemy didn't move align to the grid. The "enemy behavior" in the turorial "how to make a platform game" is too simple and boring to this kind of game.


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  • For some reason i can't update the .capx file link to the post

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